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Elite Edge is everything you’re looking for in a gym. I recently was in for one of their Surge workouts and it was a fantastic experience! John is an incredible trainer/instructor who is truly invested in making sure you have a great experience. The gym itself is a large space and has quite a lot to offer. I would highly recommend Elite Edge to everyone- from novices, like myself, to fitness experts!

Jen H.

This gym is nothing short of life-changing. John, Alyssa, and Erin are fabulous trainers who work hard to ensure that no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you're meeting your goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Plus, they're just downright fun to be around! They teach you to see the joy in exercise and to appreciate your body for all it can---and is learning---to do. If you're looking for a fresh approach to fitness, this is the place for you.

I have been taking my son here for a few months for 1:1 with John and he always looks forward to it. Very professional and John always seems to know how to challenge him. Seeing great improvements and even more confidence and motivation outside of the gym. Highly recommend!

Erica D.

Steph S.

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