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Surge is a high intensity interval training class designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels from beginners to elite endurance athletes. Burning calories is just the beginning! Other performance measures such as balance, flexibility, posture, strength, and core stability will also improve!


Our new simple to learn circuit style class is engaging, progressive and most importantly fun!

The surge program is designed in 4 week increments and the work rest ratios are altered every 8 weeks to ensure you never get bored, never plateau, and keep wanting more!

Our live feedback heart rate monitoring software and integrated Surge Fitness App allows you to track your workouts, see improvements and even challenge your friends!

Surge 45 – 45 Minute classes  (Upper Body, Lower Body, Core & Arms)


Surge 30– 30 Minute Classes (Total Body, Booty Class, Core Blast, Stretching)


Want to get fit, lose weight and finally reach your goals? Do you want to start healthy habits with your spouse, partner, or family? We have your solution!

With your own Personal Trainer workouts can be any time – day or night – when its convenient for you.

Since 2013, Elite Edge Athletics has grown to become the most trusted source in Personal Training and Fitness in the Bellefonte Area. We’ve helped hundreds of clients improve their fitness and their lives, no matter their age or ability.

People who choose to invest in a Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach are 50% more likely to reach their fitness goals. Our Personal Trainers are committed to getting you the results you are seeking. Whether your focus is weight loss, increased energy, better mobility or just maintaining your current level of fitness, our customized programs will help you reach your goals.

Our trainers perform an initial evaluation to figure your starting point and then create a plan based on success. When you succeed we succeed.  

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