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Nutriton Coaching

Week 4! Surgefit Phase 2 is underway. Now is the perfect time to check in on your progress! If your attending Surge but do not feel your results are on point nutrition coaching might be your answer. With 6 weeks left in the competition there is plenty of time to get back on track and reach your goals! Check out the video below for tip and more information about our nutrition coaching program.

Our nutrition coaches can help you elevate & achieve your fitness goals! They will teach you how to use specialized tools and techniques to create healthy habits and educate you on everything nutrition throughout the process!


Our coaching program 


  1. Does not involve receiving a meal plan to follow because you're told it'll help you achieve your goals. 

  2. Is about teaching and guiding you on how to make healthy choices with your food.

  3. Helps you create healthy habits with your overall nutrition, and helps you understand how different foods can have different effects on your body. 

  4. Will help you reach your goals faster and have you feeling better in no time!


How does it work?


Step 1: Evaluation (Questionnaire / History / Survey)

Step 2: First Meeting (Game Plan)

Step 3: Weekly 15-20 Minute FaceTime or Phone Conversations with your coach to help you stay on course!


Program Cost: 


Members: 70 per month

Non-Members: 99 per month



Clients who hire a nutrition coach are over 80% more likely to be successful!

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