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Start your fitness journey with our special New Year's Resolution Challenge, designed to introduce you to the amazing Surge Program.

This year's SURGEFIT challenge mixes Elite Edge Athletics and WeSpark Wellness, giving you a unique and complete fitness experience. Sign up now to start a journey to a healthier, stronger you.

Here's what you get in our New Year's Resolution Challenge:

  • Access to Surge Program:  Dive into our Surge Program with unlimited access to our Surge Program.

  • Nutritional Game Plan w/ a Meal Guide:  Fuel your body with a meal plan just for you, supporting your fitness goals.

  • Unlimited In-Body Scans:  Track your progress and witness your body's transformation with unlimited in-body scans.

  • At-Home Workout Library:  Find lots of at-home workout routines for when you can't make it to the gym.

  • Motivational Messages:  Get encouraging notifications to keep you inspired.

  • Monthly Wellness Webinars:  Learn useful tips in our online wellness sessions.

  • $1000 in Cash Prizes:  Get a chance to win cash prizes as you make progress on your fitness journey.

Join our energizing workouts designed to challenge you and spark inspiration. The challenge starts on January 8th! Take this chance to reach your fitness goals, guided by the experts at Elite Edge Athletics and WeSpark Wellness. 

Come join us, and let's make 2024 the year you turn your resolutions into amazing achievements! Enroll today for the Surge Program and embrace a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Your journey to a better you starts now!

Schedule A Free Consultation To Learn More!


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