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What is SurgeFIT?


SurgeFit is a fitness program designed to help educate, inspire and motivate our members towards reaching their fitness goals! SurgeFit is perfect for ALL fitness levels. Exercise, Nutrition, Motivation, and Consistency are the main focus points in our first SurgeFit Competition of 2021!



SurgeFit 2021 is 10 weeks long and consists of 4 different phases.


Phase 1- Adaptation 


Phase 2- Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)


Phase 3- Strength


Phase 4- Blackout Week


Program Dates: March 29th- June 4th!


Program Entry: 30$


Membership: 75$ per month


Sign Up At The Desk!



Program Includes:

  • Unlimited INBODY 270 Scans

  • A SurgeFIT 2021 T-Shirt


Virtual Classes on:

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition

  • Flexibility

  • Working out at Home

  • Stress Management

  • Supplements


Prizes at the end for the highest percentage of:

  • Attendance

  • Muscle Gain

  • Fat Loss

  • Random Winners

Prices will include

  • Personal Training Sessions

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Surge Memberships

  • SurgeSwag

  • Local Business Gift Cards



Join US For 10 WEEKS & Reach Your Goals!


Questions? Call: 814-571-5025 or Email:

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